Why Quiet Money Wins.

Time-honoured observations as to why quiet money succeeds where brash money falters.

Kingwest & Company has been building wealth and safeguarding the purchasing power of capital for discerning entrepreneurs, families and financial institutions since 1982.

View our recent presentation by Dr. Stephen Foerster “The Bounce Back –Lessons From History: Stock Market crashes, recoveries pandemics and wars” highlighting the volatility and questions surrounding the markets in 2020.

We have managed money through seven market cycles and this time is no different.

At Kingwest, we live to be of service to quiet money and have used clearly defined and consistently applied thinking to outperform the market in both Canada and the United States for over 25 years. [Disclosure]

So just how have we done this?

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How We Invest

We determine when to take risk and when to preserve capital with the shrewd practicality of a business owner.

Above-average gains in good times are not proof of a manager's skill. As it happens, we hang our hat on our superior performance during the bad times.

It’s the way we approach our investments that have resulted in such an admirable track record in the long term.

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